Information: Covid-19

State: 2020/06/03 12:30 h

Dear guests

We all left challenging weeks behind us. Starting 25 May 2020 we may greet touristically motivated travelers at our Upstalsboom Hotel Friedrichshain in Berlin as well. We are very glad to welcome you soon.

Health and well-being of our guests and personnel have maximum priority for us. Therefore we obligate ourselves to observe strong hygienic and safety regulations at the entire hotel. Hereby we strictly comply official stipulations and follow the recommendations of the Robert Koch Institute (RKI).

We will arrange your visit as safe and comfortable as possible, therefore we inform you below about the actual local conditions and the effective rules of conduct. As soon as we hear about new findings we will let you know.

On behalf of all guests and our personnel we ask you to take the rules to heart and thank you for the implementation of these actions during your stay at the hotel.

Health check: In case you felt sick during the last 10 days before your arrival or if you acute have fever, cough or other common cold and influenza symptoms, we ask you to desist from travelling to Berlin. In this case we allow the cancellation of an entry free of charge or the change of reservation for a date in the future.

Social distancing rules: At the entire hotel the generally binding rules of social distancing of 1,50 metres are valid.

Face mask: We ask you to bring your own face mask. We want to point out that face masks are mandatory in all public areas where we cannot observe the minimum distance of 1,50 metres.

Hand hygiene: In all public areas an effective hand disinfectant is available for you. We ask you to take the valid rules of washing hands to heart.

Payment: Until cancelled the payment exclusively can be made with cheque guarantee card or credit card at the reception.

Restaurant Friesendeel: Our Restaurant Friesendeel is opened exclusively at breakfast time from 06:00 a. m. until 10:30 a. m. daily. During this opening time we offer three different mealtimes: from 06:00 until 07:15 a. m., from 07:30 until 08:45 a. m., from 09:00 until 10:15 a. m.! In between the mealtimes we aerate and sanitise the restaurant. All general safety regulations are valid.

Breakfast à la carte: Until cancelled we will do without our breakfast buffet. Our kitchen and service personnel will serve your individual breakfast immediately at the table.

Breakfast offer: Please choose from our breakfast assortments CLASSIC, VITAL or RUSTIC no later than the previous day. A menu variety is available for you at our reception.

Reservation obligation: For the observance of the minimum distance you would have to make a reservation at our Restaurant Friesendeel and our meeting area in advance. Please reserve a table no later than the previous day at our reception.

Contact form: For the tracking of a possible infection chain we have contact forms on the breakfast tables and in the meeting area displayed for you. We are bound to register your personal data (full name, address, telephone number) and the visiting time. Please fill in the contact form at the beginning of your breakfast or a meeting.

Sauna / Fitness: Due to the actual situation and the actual guide lines of the Berlin Senate our sauna and fitness areas are not available for you until cancelled.

Room cleaning: At your arrival the hotel room will be clean and hygienic. We will not enter your room for your own and our protection during your stay without your consent. Should you require room cleaning, please contact our team at the reception.The room will generally be unoccupied for one day after your departure, before it can be prepared for the following arrival of guests under hygienic guide lines.

Special right of termination: The provision of the booked services depends on the decisions of the Berlin Senate regarding the measures to contain the corona virus. If we are unable to provide services or if there are still restrictions on freedom of travel, a special right of cancellation applies.

Contingency plan: In case you incur typical symptoms of a COVID-19 sickness (fever, cough, breathlessness), we ask you to stay in the hotel room and to avoid contact with other people. Please coordinate the further procedure with our team, the medical on-call service and the local health authority.

Dear guests, we are aware that one or another action will limitate your holiday adventure. Nevertheless this course of action is inevitable. We are conscious of our responsibility as your host. With our behavior we have a share in the containment of the infection situation. Therefore we ask you for active participation. We ask for your understanding.

Kind regards

Your hostess Jeannette Dedow and the Upstalsboom Team